Maintenance Toolkit


Maintenance Toolkit

from 142.00

Toolkit with all of the recommended items for changing the Drope and rewind spring(s) on your Powerfan. Packaged in waterproof case.


  • Portable gas rope cutter* 
  • Tape measure, 20m length for PF13 toolkit, 50m length for PF20 & PF30 toolkit
  • 10mm spanners: One plain and one ratcheting 10mm spanner
  • Side cutters
  • 4mm hex driver
  • Electrical tape
  • Replacement cable ties
  • Water resistant foam-lined hard -shell case
  • Gloves

* Please note that due to shipping restrictions the gas rope cutter is supplied empty. You will need to purchase butane lighter fluid locally to use the gas rope cutter.

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